Does My Child Have A Developmental Delay?

Milestone Chart:

What you can expect from birth to age 3


  • Responds to sound and voice
  • Makes comfort and sucking sounds
  • Lifts head when held at shoulder
  • Keeps hands open 50% of the time


  • Reaches for nearby objects and grasp
  • Looks and vocalizes to own name
  • Babbles "baba-baba"
  • Discovers hands and feet as extension of self


  • Plays 2-3 minutes with a single toy
  • Says "mama" or "papa" nonspecifically
  • Produces gestures to communicate
  • Sits independently indefinitely


  • Enjoys looking at picture books
  • Responds to simple request, "Drink your juice"
  • Extends a toy to show others, but not to release
  • Waves bye-bye

12-18 months

  • Places at least two rings on ring stacker
  • Identifies one body part
  • Uses expressive vocabulary 1-3 words
  • Stands independently for several seconds

18-24 MONTHS

  • Opens doors by turning knobs
  • Identifies 3-6 body parts
  • Uses expressive vocabulary 20-25 words
  • Walks up and down stairs holding the rail

24-30 MONTHS

  • Matches simple identical objects to pictures
  • Follows two part directions
  • Sings phrases in songs
  • Builds a tower using 8 blocks

30-36 MONTHS

  • Points to several colors when named
  • Repeats 5 word phrases
  • Walks up stairs alternating feet
  • Is able to concentrate for longer periods of time


  • One- on- One quality Early Intervention for your child and family
  • Provide initial evaluations, parental reports, and interventionist observations.
  • Assistance through a variety of partnerships, professionals, and the newest community resources.
  • Coordinate to help create an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).
  • Monthly objectives in areas of development that demonstrate a significant delay in order to reach the IFSP Goals created by your Service Coordinator.
  • Assist families with initial contacts and follow up services provided by the Regional Center and other professionals..

Do you Qualify for Intervention Services?
Eligibility is determined by an evaluation which has the following criteria:

  • Child must be from 0-3 years of age
  • Must be a resident in your local County

Birth to 24 months:

  • 33% delay in one of the following developmental areas:
  • Cognitive Adaptive
  • Physical Social/Emotional
  • Communication

24 months to 36 months

  • 50% delay in one developmental area
  • 33% delay in two developmental areas

If you suspect that your child may have a developmental delay please contact us today so that we can assist with an evaluation today.
Early Intervention determines Early Success!