My daughter struggled with making connections with new people. She also was very reluctant to participate in an activity for more than a very short period of time. She immediately made powerful connections with Cesar and Andrea from Stars. She looked forward to each visit, during which she participated with rapt attention! I learned so much from both of these experts and experienced so much joy in seeing my daughter developing new skills and having fun during visits. We all miss the program very much and when my daughter lists the members of her family, she always lists Cesar and Andrea (even 8 months later). We recently went on what we referred to as a "family trip" and when we got to our destination she looked around and asked, "but where is the rest of my family? Where is Cesar and Andrea?" Very powerful connections, indeed!

June 2014

Our experience with our interventionist was exceptional! The interventionist was able to bond instantly with my son, Gage, who typically takes a long time to warm up to new people. I learned valuable tools through watching him interact with Gage - how to motivate him and how to make learning a lot of fun. Stars Infant Program is also very knowledgeable about toddler milestones and how to help little ones practice the skills they need in order to achieve those milestones. I have an older child as well and the interventionist always found ways to include him without it taking anything away from what Gage was learning during his sessions. The interventionist is someone who we all looked forward to seeing each week and we feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience with such a special person and program!

January 2014

My family and I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude and overwhelming joy in the wonderful services and program for children, provided by our Interventionist. As we began our journey with our toddler son who was developmentally delayed, we had no idea how great an Infant Teacher could be - until we met and began watching our Interventionist work one-on-one with our very busy toddler. At the time our son could barely sit still, communicate, and understand basic commands. Each week we watched our Interventionist’s confidence and determination, along with their truly caring personality shine through to communicate and help our son learn. We were able to sit alongside during sessions to become a team with our Interventionist and help our family succeed. Right away we saw an improvement in our son’s overall speech, temperament, and communication after receiving services. As the time came for our son to head to preschool, we were truly appreciative, but also partly saddened to say goodbye to such a wonderful and instrumental part of our toddler’s life.
We can’t thank you enough for what your wonderful program offered to our child!

May 2013

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